What is an EOR?

An Employer of Record (EOR) is an external organization that hires and pays an employee on behalf of another company and takes responsibility for all formal employment tasks. EOR takes care of hiring, managing and paying employees in the name of other company without creating additional work.

Using an Employer of Records allows companies to legally and efficiently engage with workers in a new country without having to set up a local entity or risk violating local employment laws. That is why an EOR can be powerful tool when looking to expand and hire teams internationally.

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How an EOR can help you?

An Employer or Record services are ideal for companies that wants to hire an employee from another country but does not have a permanent establishment. It makes an employees still work for main business, but the EOR handles all HR duties and stay compliant with the local laws, regulations and standards. 

It allows businesses to expand much easier globally, becoming an even more vital part of a global employment ecosystem for companies that want to hire anyone, anywhere.

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