Our approach

Our sales outsourcing model allows our partners to benefit from a local dedicated office and trained, experienced, multilingual sales team (21 languages) without the cost and liabilities of setting up an own office or hiring own full-time employees.

Whether you are acting in the tech, industrial, retail, aerospace, defense or other industries, our strength lies in our cross-industry experience that will open access to European decision makers and sales channels such as working direct, through VAR’s or system integrators.

Learn more about our exclusive, comprehensive 4 month introduction program that allows our partners to test and expand their EU presence.

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Our services


Sales Outsourcing

Dedicated sales and marketing teams for North American manufacturers who want to expand in Europe.

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HR Outsourcing

Professional employer organization services, HR management and recruiting solutions across the continent.

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digital marketing

Digital marketing

Result-driven Business to Business  marketing for North American companies, at the service of their European clients

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For questions, feel free to reach out to our VP. Alternatively, you can fill in the contact form on the right.

Emre Aykac (VP)

Phone: +31 (0)546 660 000

email: e.aykac@eurodev.com


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