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Also referred to as PPC advertising, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Search Engine Advertising (SEA), Google advertising is one of the cornerstones in our European digital marketing strategies. Used all over Europe, the challenge is to make your advertisements and campaigns localized to fit the needs of the specific countries. That’s exactly what our multi-lingual team specializes in. We do research, define strategy and set up your localized campaigns and advertisements. Together we’ll make you successful online. We usually combine Google advertising with:


How we work

We function as your European marketing department. Together with your domestic team, we'll look at which ads are successful in your domestic market. We'll take them as a starting point to create ads for your European target countries.

For every country, we will conduct an in-depth keywords research, so we know exactly what people in your target countries are looking for. Based on these keywords, together with one of our natives, we will create the right ads for the right audiences.

We'll handle Search ads, Display ads and Shopping ads. By default, we'll also set up Retargeting ads to make sure you stay top of mind with people that have visited your website. That way we will increase ROI on you Google Advertising campaigns, and make sure you get the best bang for your buck.

Working with EuroDev means benefiting from an independent team that takes responsibility for their actions and budget. You’ll be in control and we’ll update you in meetings on a bi-weekly basis.



Having a good SEA/SEM/PPC strategy in place means you will get in front of potential leads when they are looking for you. If you use the right keywords and align your advertisements with the content on your landing page, you can already be successful with as little as €300 per month. Why wait?

Are you ready to increase brand awareness and pick up quality leads by using Google Advertising in European countries? Contact us!

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