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To improve your position in search engines, we will optimize the content and the technical aspects of your website. We’ll define a content strategy together to make sure you keep on working on your organic position. Search Engine Optimization is often part of a more extensive digital marketing strategy. Usually it’s combined with:


How we work

We function as your European marketing department. Together we will define the target countries you want to optimize SEO in. Then we will put together a team to do keywords research in each of the countries, as well as a competitor research. Based on that, we will come up with recommendations and a plan of action. The goal with this plan is to set things into motion.

Search Engine Optimization usually is a longer-term process – especially if you have to start from scratch. To make sure you are on top in Google on the short term, we can also set up Search Engine Advertisements. More on that here.

Working with EuroDev means benefiting from an independent team that takes responsibility for their actions and budget. You’ll be in control and we’ll update you in meetings on a bi-weekly basis.



A better position in Search Engines, more organic traffic to your website and more opportunities to turn prospects into leads. Moving up one spot in the search results will actually improve CTR with almost 31%!

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