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To improve your position in search engines, we will optimize the content and the technical aspects of your website. We’ll define a content strategy together to make sure you keep on working on your organic position. Search Engine Optimization is often part of a more extensive digital marketing strategy. Usually it’s combined with:


How we work

We function as an extension of your marketing team, focusing solely on European Success. A successful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy in Europe is a key element to generating more traffic to your website. In Europe, SEO is driven by language and culture. Our consultants will help you with multilingual keyword research in the countries that you are targeting, researching the competition, and cross-referencing our data versus yours. Based on these initial findings, our consultants will design and execute a comprehensive SEO strategy that includes website optimization recommendations, keyword-sensitive content, and accurate link building.

To boost your short-term results, a Search Engine Advertisements (SEA) strategy is a more assertive approach to interacting with your audience.
Together, we will design KPIs and key metrics that will allow us to measure our progress and be transparent with all stakeholders.

EuroDev is active across a multitude of B2B and B2C industries for North American companies that have a strategic interest in growing their business in Europe.

This experience is further amplified through the presence of a total of 26 nationalities in-house. Because of this international setup, our company is uniquely tailored to face the cultural and lingual challenges that the European market has to offer.

We are excited to speak to you about your specific business case, goals, and ambitions in Europe.



We develop and research your Buyer Persona led by the knowledge of our experts in your business field.
Through qualitative research and quantitate research we will identify specific groups of customers that are unique in demographics, behaviors, attitudes, and needs to create and understand your ideal customer's profiles.

We build the buyer journey for each step of your marketing funnel.

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About EuroDev

EuroDev (The European Business Development Group) is located in the Netherlands. Since 1996, we offer a variety of services designed to help North American companies grow their business in Europe. We do this in various industries and through four core services: sales outsourcing, HR services, digital marketing, and M&A buy-side advisory. During the last 26 years, EuroDev has partnered with over 300 companies.

Because our focus is solely on partnerships with companies from the United States and Canada, we have a deep understanding of the challenges that our partners face when growing business in Europe. They can include time zone, language, market insight, and culture. EuroDev currently houses employees from 26 different nationalities, offering our partners unique access to the diverse European market through local expertise.