Web design and web development in Europe

A website is a website, you would say. If you compare European websites with North American ones, you will see that this is far from the truth. In most European countries, design are much 'cleaner' than designs we see on North American websites.

Apart from the design, it's important to have country-specific domains, or an overall .eu domain. In order to claim one of these domains, it is required that you to have a presence on continental Europe. We can serve as your partner in this regard.

Being the foundation of your European online presence, it's important to drive traffic to your European websites. Especially in the beginning, we leverage paid advertising (SEA and social media) to make sure people know where to find you online. We usually combine European web design and web development with one of the following services:


How we work

We function as your European marketing department. We will look at your domestic website and landing pages, and together with you identify successful pages that can be repurposed for the European market.

In the process of web design and development, we have a couple of steps:

  • We will start by creating a rough framework with placeholders for texts and graphics
  • Based on the framework we will create the web design
  • Once the design is finalized and approved, web development will begin. At the same time, we will begin writing country-specific content for each individual site. Here, we keep important keywords and SEO in mind
  • Websites are developed in Wordpress and optimized for load times and site speed
  • Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager will be implemented to measure site traffic and important website events (like a contact form subscription)

On a monthly basis, website performance and keywords are optimized. In the process, you will benefit from an experienced and independent team. Let's start your online European journey together.



Connecting with people in their own language is the first step in creating a business relationship. Having localized websites shows people that you're active in, and committed to their market. These website serve as an icebreaker for conversation and make it a lot easier to generate inbound leads.

Do you have localized websites, microsites or landing pages for Europe? Start now!

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